I would like to inform everyone interested in playing in Season 19 of the T.A.K. League that we have a new sponsor. Thanks to the generosity of Generation X Comics and Games we now have a new home. Please visit them on facebook at @Gen.X.Comics.Games. Their location is 3504 Harwood Rd, Ste 304 Bedford, TX and their phone number is (817) 540-5556. The further good news is that Generation X does an excellent job of stocking Flames of War products and other products like paints and GF9 products to support our hobby.

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Welcome to theHobbyStudios.com This is the home of The Hobby Studios, our show the Hobby, and all of the projects we are working on to supplement the table top wargames we play. Thank You, Dan & James Follow theHobbyStudios on Twitter

Get paid to play Flames of War!!! TAK LogoTexas 'Ard Korps Gaming, sponsored by Generation X Comics & Games presents the T.A.K Flames of War League. Sign up to play in our eighteenth season starting September 1, 2016. All players who play all of their games get prizes plus extra prizes will be awarded for Best Axis General, Best Allied General, and Best Army. Everyone will be playing to make the Playoffs to advance to the Championship Game to earn a chance to win the coveted Golden Panzer! Click here for more information.


Bolt Action!

Yes, we've caught the bug to pull out our old 28mm World War 2 models and start looking for new ones as Warlord Games and Osprey Publishing gives us Bolt Action, a squad level World War 2 game playable with 28mm models. We have some fun info from our first two games including photos and descriptions of rules mechanics coming up. Here we provide you with some Tokens to mark your squads and weapons teams with their Orders, Pin Markers, and Wounds. Take a look:

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Flames of War: Vietnam

More of Dan's "Namericans" includes all of the vehicles. Take a look at the APCs, Mortar Carriers, Sheridans, and the great Pattons tanks.


Flames of War: Vietnam
Take a look at James' PAVN and get an idea of what's going on with THS and the Flames of War: Vietnam game.

Download the Tokens here (3 pages)

Download the Base Labels here (5 pages)

Flames of War: Vietnam
Take a look at Dan's "Namericans" and get an idea of what's going on with THS and the Flames of War: Vietnam game.

Complete Army

Engineer-Sapper Battalion

The Soviet Engineer-Sapper Battalion is a Late War infantry battalion in the Flames of War army supplement River of Heroes, the third book in the Operation: Bagration series. The book covers the battles on the Vistula during August 1944. Also included in the book are two Soviet Tank Battalions and lists for the German 3. Totenkopf SS-Panzerdivision and 5. Wiking SS-Panzerdivision. Here at the Hobby Studios Dan has built a Sapper army. Take a look at how to collect and paint the army as well as army composition and tactics. Click here to read more.

Want to see the Engineer-Sapper Battalion in action? Take a look at the battle report detailing one in a series of games they are playing against James' Schwere Panzerkompanie. Sappers vs. Schwere!

Dan talks about unfinished projects and the discovery of the new hobby activity Mind Modeling

Dan & James show us some finished Micro Armour tanks and infantry they have painted up for playing Early War games of Flames of War

Dan talks about Point of Contact Miniatures, 1/100 scale pre-painted WW2 tanks!

Tina gives us her Review of the book Operation: Mincemeat


Military Vehicle Technology Foundation

(or the largest private collection of military vehicles in the world!)

MVTF Interior

The Military Vehicle Technology Foundation (MVTF) oversees one of the largest and most significant collections of historical military vehicles in the world. Click the photo to read more and see some great photos!

The National Museum of the Pacific War


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Click here to check out the review and all the pictures!


An Open Discussion on "Mind Modeling"
I've expanded the hobby magazines I read with regularity to three now: White Dwarf, Wargames Illustrated, and most recently Fine Scale Modeler. One of the features I have been enjoying the most are the editorials.I came across a guest editorial recently where the author talked about having between 600 and 700 model kits to build. As he put it, if he were to complete a kit a week, he'd need to live to be 100 to finish them all. And that's if he doesn't buy any new ones. Read Complete Article

First Special Service Base Labels

The First Special Service Force from the Flames of War supplement "Dogs & Devils" consists of 3 platoons of infantry and many choices to change/upgrade each platoon and the HQ. We have 2 pages of base labels to keep track of all the great options this elite force has to offer. Take a look at all of our Flames of War BASE LABELS.

Building Fine Scale Models for Gaming

Looking to add some punch to my 28mm World War 2 Soviets, I decided to add a T-34/85. But building fine scale models is not like building game models. Take a look at a gamer's perspective on taking on one of these great kits. Read the article.

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Rules of Engagement: ROE is the name of the rules set written by the Hobby Studios a few years back. Take a look at the story behind our dream to create a 28mm world of modern combat.

Esteemed bibliophile Tina has review two more exciting novels this month. First up is an addition to your Band of Brothers collection. The other, an indepth look at fighting the war on terror... over the last 50 years! Take a look at what Tina says...

New Missions Published!
Take a look at the Missions Page for two new Missions for your Flames of War games. First up is the Capture the Bridge scenario which allows for a huge table and over 10 players. Also up is the Close the Pocket scenario. When you are surrounded and you need to break out, how do you keep from being closed in?