Bolt Action Tokens

Tokens for Orders, Wounds, Pins, & more...

The game designers came up with a great idea for keeping track of initiative and the Orders that each Squad is given in a particular turn. They designed and sell 6-sided dice with each order listed on a side. When you draw a die from a cup or bag, just place the die beside the Squad or Team you are activating with the Order being given facing up. However, in the few games we've played we did 1,000 points with Veteran Infantry and tanks and still had 8 or 9 units. Therefor, it's very likely you will need more than the 10 dice you get in one pack. For that reason we decided to use tokens for Orders and national dice bought for Flames of War to draw for initiative. There is also the issue of Pin Markers. We have provided 20 Pin Markers on the page as well as 15 Wound Markers. Sometimes you want to base the models of a Gun Team on a single base because it looks better having the loader right next to the weapon. Since you can't remove the entire base, just place a wound marker on it. In addition there are 10 each of the FIRE, ADVANCE, AMBUSH, and DOWN Tokens plus 14 RUN and 8 RALLY.

Soviet Token Page

Just like our Flames of War Tokens, these are PDF files you can download for FREE. Just download, print them out on glossy photo paper or thick card stock, and adhere them to a sheet of self-adhesive felt or rubber (available at Michael's or other craft stores). Then cut them out and get them out on the game table!

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