Hello, my name is James Fisher and like a lot of you I got my start in this hobby as a child playing with toy soldiers. From my first bag of 1/35 scale troops to my beloved boxes of 1/72 scale warriors I just could not get enough of lining pretend combatants across the table (or sand box) from each other and having the fight out make believe battles. 

My first more serious foray into tabletop war gamming came in the 80’s with my introduction to Micro Armor. I used to love playing cold war battles using rule sets like Fire Fight and Air Cav along with smaller scale rules such as Fire Power. 

As I got older I tried my hand at role-playing with a game called top-secret but even then I would find myself trying to map out combat situations using my old 1/72 scale soldiers. I just could not get away from toy soldiers. After a long hiatus from gaming (insert High school and college and all that goes with that here) I was re introduced to miniature in a peculiar way. My future wife was at a garage sale and picked up the game called War Master. This game showed on the box wonderfully painted miniatures that were inside the game and promised to be a simple and fun game to play. When she brought the game home and opened it up she was horrified to find that the miniatures inside the game were not painted. So… I of course volunteered to paint these miniatures and that pretty much sealed our fate as both future husband and wife and future gaming geeks. 

The natural progression from War master was of coarse Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Morheim, with a sprinkled doss of Hero Quest, Battle Fleet Gothic, Man O War, well you get the picture. Building every army for Warhammer and every team for Blood Bowl was fun to say the least but by the time of the early aught I was becoming a bit battle weary of the fantasy and sci-fi generals. As with all things we tend to find ourselves going back to our roots as you well see. 

A few friends turned me on to a great 28mm World War 2 system called Battle Ground. It had really neat miniatures for Americans and Germans and the rules system was like nothing I had played before. In my excitement to play this game I quickly turned what was really meant to be a squad on squad tactics game to the platoon level. Now while normally I would say that more of a good thing is better, in the case of some complicated (some would say overly complicated) rule sets, more is not always better. I think the final straw for the system to me was a few games that I played at the company level, which took a couple of days to complete! After this I started to think, okay, I have all these cool 28mm miniatures but not much to do with them. I tried looking at more simple rule sets but I kept thinking, you know what, the D6 based system’s that some label as beer-and-pretzels, are more entertaining to play then the so called more realistic systems. I found my self with 2 options, bastardize 40k to fit with the miniature that I want to play with (which is basically what World War I is) or create my own set of rules. Thus began a long and interesting journey of figuring out how to right your own rules set. Which is a story unto itself and I will tell at a later date (although obviously few have probably heard of it so you can already tell how successful it was). 

After my adventures in rules writing I was handed a catalogue from a new games company called Battlefront. The miniatures were in a scale I had never gamed in before. The line of miniatures looked very thorough and the prices of the miniatures looked pleasing to the eye after dealing with an ever-increasing cost of Games Work Shop products. The time period was of coarse a great interest to me and after seeing the number of tanks I could afford to but visions of my child hood love of Micro Armor began flashing in my eyes. Well you can probably guess what happened next. I jumped into the system with both feet. The Boo The whole feel of the rules systems and army books felt very comfortably familiar to me after having such a long relationship with Games Workshop. It was a simple D6 based system and I really enjoyed the idea of being able to have infantry, artillery, tanks and airplanes all on the same battlefield at the same time. And of course after playing a few years I just could not help myself with the ideas of tinkering with the game. Now I had no interest in changing rules, after my experience in writing rules I had a newfound respect for how rules are written and respected the effort that went into this system. But what I was really open to adding to the game was missions, terrain rules, and of course army lists that have not been written yet. And that is how I arrived at this point and why Dan and I have started this website. Please stay tuned for more to come…