Early War

Early War

This is the "unofficial" home of Early War, the army lists and books that cover the early part of World War 2 in Flames of War, the World War 2 Miniatures Game. These lists will cover 1939 - 1941 starting with the German Invasion of Poland. When we started this project, obviously Battlefront had not yet announced that they were proceeding with their Early War Product line. After we analyzed their plans we decided that our site and project still had a purpose. We will use our time/resources to fill in the gaps that the official Battlefront lists leave. Look for those to come soon.

The Early War Development board on the FoW forum has many great discussions about the period and some pretty good army lists. What we want to do is put together Battle Front quality army list PDF's with the page count and content of a printed army book, such as Cobra. We want to include more information on the website and we will also direct you to the best place to buy shiny toys to play early war.



Army Group South PDF Available for Review
Featured here is Army Group South who went to battle with four Panzer Divisions, 4 Leichte Divisions, 3 Gebirgs Divisions, 2 Motorized Infantry Divisions, 23 Infantry Divisions and 2 SS Infantry Regiments under command of General Oberst Gerd von Rundstedt. Featured are the First, Second, Fourth, and Fifth Panzer Divisions. Paired with the updated Polish Army List below you can now begin to play games of Flames of War using these two trial army lists.
Complete German List
German Preview List


Polish SoldiersUpdated Polish Army List


Polish List

Finnish Soldiers
Finnish Army List
Finland in Early War "This project is what got us thinking "Hey, we could do early war army books that look something like the Battlefront Army Books."

More Coming Soon!

Early War Historical Articles

Before Battlefront announced that they were planning Early War books it was our intention to produce not just an Army List PDF but a full book of content including force organization, back stories, timelines, and more. Since BF is coming out "Blitzkrieg" later this year, we feel our efforts would be better served trying to fill in the gaps that the BF books leave. But... we've done some research and work on German/Polish content that we want to produce here.

The Birth of the Reich Rhineland: Germany's First Move

Blitzkrieg A discussion of German War Tactics

Lancers versus Panzers Myth or Reality?

German/Soviet Non Aggression Pact Read the terms here

Poland Invasion Timeline Read date by date what happened

Polish Campaign Read a detailed history of the German Invasion of Poland