Engineer-Sapper Battalion

Engineer-Sapper Battalion

Engineer-Sapper Battalion

From River of Heroes, book three of the Bagration series, comes the Engineer-Sapper Battalion. This infantry battalion consists of Combat Companies of elite anti-tank teams that have unmatched flexibility in variation of support weapons built in to the core units. They lack the typical disadvantages of infantry forces against armored forces while retaining their numerical superiority against other infantry forces. They also have a wealth of weapons support and divisional support that adds more punch and flexibility to their force.


The Engineer-Sapper Battalion is an interesting army to collect and model. While you can use a variety of your existing Late War Soviet units to support them, you will want to get hold of the newer models made specifically for the company, including models with the new Sapper Body Armor. I started this force with the Battalion box set conisisting of two companies and the battalion HQ. Take a look at how I went about building and painting this unique force.

Collecting, Modelling and Painting the Engineer-Sapper Battalion

SMG Team

Army Selection & Tactics

The Engineer-Sapper Battalion gives you a great advantage over other forces particularly in tournament settings. They have great flexibility in how to integrate support weapons into combat choices right before game time, allowing you to react to your opponents force before deployment. I have put together what I believe to be the strong points of this force and share how I have been most successful using them.

Engineer-Sapper Battalion Army Composition & Tactics

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