James' PAVN

James' PAVN

James designed the look of his Vietnamese companies to stand out on the table and from each other. Look for different traits of ground cover, uniform color, and so forth.

Vietnamese Company 01

The horde assembles and gets ready to descend on the invading Americans.

Vietnamese Company 02

Armed with the AK-47, they move skillfully and silently through the densce undergrowth.

Vietnamese Company 03

Once the Americans get near the base of the mountain, they pour out like an ant hill.

Vietnamese Company 04

Notice the red star on the front of their helmets? Nice target...

Vietnamese Company 05

Those guys with the RPGs mean business. Keep them away from your Hogs.

Vietnamese Company 06

The Vietnamese heavy weapons force the Americans to keep their heads down.

Vietnamese Company 07

Another destructive Rocket meant to knock the imperialist invaders from the sky.

PAVN Support 01

Heavy recoilles rifles to root out dug in Americans on the objectives.

PAVN Support 02

Mortars are ready to pound the Americans into submission.

PAVN Support 03

AA guns keep the slicks and gun ships in check.

PAVN Support 05

The more helicopters they have, the greater chance we have for glory!

PAVN Support 04

Heavy AA machine gun fire not only deals with copters, but also with dug in infantry.


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