Flames of War Vietnam: the Vehicles

Flames of War Vietnam: the Vehicles

As I stated on the Flames of War Vietnam page, what got me to work on my Namericans was the release of the Tropic Lightning booklet and the APCs, Patton & Sheridan tanks. Once I got my infantry and mortar platoons done along with the support Aeroweapons platoons and transport Slicks, it was time to focus on the ground vehicles. More curious about the models than anything, I bought a box of each as they came out: M113 Mechanized Platoon, M125/M106 Mortar Carrier Platoon, M48A3 Patton tanks, and M551 Sheridan tanks. I figure I can use them in a supporting role for my infantry until I get more and am able to deploy full mechanized companies. Take a look.


Here are the two Pattons that come in the platoon box. 


Close-up photos are not kind to my painting style. However, from a distance they look rather dynamic!

Hard Core!

This "Hard Core" tanker has a fair amount of stowage on his beast.


For lighter tank support, you can't beat the Sheridans


These tanks have a LOT of stowage to paint.


In air cav missions, it's the Slicks that get the troops' boots on the ground.


They fly in tight, landing in the LZ protected (?) by the troops on the ground.


Slicks are vulnerable on the ground so get it and get out!


Keep track of who is in which slick. Sometimes they don't make it in...


For support we turn to the UH-1B Huey "Hogs" to lay down rocket & MG fire.


They fight as a platoon, but as Vets they have an 8" command, enabling them to cover a wide area.


Another option for close support are the AH-1G Huey "Cobras"


Armed a little heavier than the Hogs, the Cobras can really take the fight to the commies.

Air Army

The force of air includes transport Slicks and 2 Aeroweapons platoons. As you can see, they are quite formidable.


The M113 Mechanized Platoon provides transport and heavy support for the foot soldiers in the form of machine guns, recoilless guns, and mini-guns.

mini gun

One APC has the option of the standard MG or the mini-gun. Thanks to magnets, I can convert to whatever I need for that game.

Reccoilless Rifle

Similarly, with a little pinning, you can have your APC armed with the recoilless rifle.


The mortar carriers come with the choice of the M125 or the M106 mortar.


Mortars can also arm them selves with MGs to protect themselves.

mini gun

Mechanized M125/M106 mortar carriers have the ability to support your mission in a variety of ways.


Mortar options are not glued but rather they slip in/out rather easily depending on your needs.


Working in concert with each other, the copters can deliver both troops and the pain while the tanks and APCs provide close support for the infantry on the ground.


These troops hit the ground and ready themselves to set up a perimeter around the LZ so that reinforcements can be brought in and the wounded evacuated.

The most unique thing about Flames of War: Vietnam is the non-linear combat. Battlefront has done an amazing job of creating a unique feel of battle that is very different from the World War 2 version of the game. I eagerly look forward to the next theater they decide to explore. Here's hoping for Arab/Israeli wars.

Thanks for looking. Cheers!


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