Base Labels

Base Labels

While tanks and half-tracks are exciting and fun to play with, we all know the strength of any effective force is the greatness of its infantry. The problem with infantry is that it can become very difficult to keep up with during the game. Sometimes special deployment can cause your platoons to be spread out, making it more difficult to keep track of what bases go together. And if you happen to be a Soviet player, good luck keeping 2 to 4 companies of 30 plus bases organized. Well, here is our answer to the problem:

Base Labels mark each infantry base with the company, platoon, squad and base number to keep them easily organized. You can even add the armament to their description to help you get familiar with new model types.

Please feel free to contact us to request specific base labels not listed here. Thank you.



2. SS Panzerdivision Box Set: This page has labels for all models that come in the 2. SS army box set from Battlefront

Soviet Union

Strelkovy Company 1: The Soviet Strelkovy box set includes 2 nine base infantry platoons plus the company HQ, Commissar, 2 HMG and 3 light mortars. All labels have a Russian Flag on them.   

Soviet Artillery: The Soviet Artillery Label cover the Heavy Mortar Company and Guards Rocket Mortar Battery, and Tank Destruction Company with Zis 2 Guns.

Guards Motor Company: This two-page PDF has base labels for two companies plus all HQ & support weapons.

God of War Battery: This PDF covers the Zis Guns, 122mm Howitzers, HQs, Stalinets and more.


The Finnish Infantry Company page has labels for a complete Jalkavaki Platoon, Jaakari Platoon, and a Field Artillery Platoon as well as company HQ, 2iC, and 2 Close Defense Teams.
Jalkavaki Komppania 1
The Finnish Support page has labels for 2 HMG platoons, Mortar Platoon, and Pioneer Platoon.   

Old Glory


101st Airborn: Nuff said.
US Rifle Company: North Africa rifle company with 2 platoons, HQ, bazookas and all that.

First Special Service Page 1: This page has labels for 3 platoons of Rifle/MG teams, HQ, HQ SMG, 2iC, 2 HQ bazookas, and the HQ for Platoon 1.

First Special Service Page 2: This page has labels for 2 platoons of Rifle teams, HQ for 2nd and 3rd Platoons, 3 Flamethrowers, and 2 M1 81mm Mortar upgrades.

First Cavalry Division Page 1: The U.S. Army in Vietnam! This page has labels for 3 Combat Platoons including M60 Weapons sections and Platoon HQ. 

First Cavalry Division Page 2: This page has your Company HQ including Moore/Plumley, 2iC, and mortars. There is also the mortar platoon and 2 25th infantry division platoons for support. Since Peter Pig has an acceptible model, I have included a label for a Lieutenant Colonel William "Bill" Kilgore, aka Robert Duvall from Apocalypse Now

Italian Flag


Page 1: 30 labels for 2 companies of Bersaglieri including all Rifle/MG teams, HMG teams, 47/32 gun teams, and Solothurn AT rifle teams. HQ labels are on page 3.

Page 2: 30 labels for third Bersaglieri company, Demolisher Platoon, Anti-Tank Platoon (47/32 guns), mortar platoon. HQ labels are on page 3.

Page 3: 23 labels including all HQ labels for previous platoons (pgs. 1 & 2), Howitzer battery, Italian & German AA/AT gun platoons.