From time to time we here at the Hobby Studios like to dream up new challenges for our little 15mm buddies. Here on the Missions page are the new scenarios we have come up with for playing games of Flames of War. Sometimes it's existing scenarios re- thought out to accommodate larger points totals or more players. Other times it's something completely fresh and different. We can also do existing missions with special terrain added in.

Close the Pocket

From our friend the Tank Santa comes this Mission. With the mobility of modern armies in WWII, many attackers found themselves stranded out front of their main lines. A quick thinking enemy has now moved past your flanks to cut off your troops and trap them in a contained pocket. You must hold the pocket open long enough to allow your forces to escape encirclement.

Capture the Bridge


This exciting new scenario is special in that it is meant to be played with 8 to 12 players on a huge 5' x 10' table. Now that is Total War!!! This Mission was developed to play with our City Fight Terrain but any roads and buildings can be substituted to create the board. Enjoy!

Hasty Assault

Gaming TableFirst up is Hasty Assault. This scenario was created by our good friend, Dominic. The goal here is to design a scenario that forces action as soon as possible yet rewards units that have transportation, longer ranges, and ultimately is fair for the infantry and armored units alike. This scenario encourages two players to go after each other early in the game. Please provide us with feedback on this mission, particularly on the use of the Armored Reserve rule. Send you thoughts to Dom at football@mac.com or look for him on the Flames of War Forum as "MacDommer."


Hasty Assault 2 is pretty much the same mission with a few changes, such as Night Fight. Give it a go!